Localism limits surfing.

It restricts and tarnishes the spirit of freedom inherent with the art of surfing, based on simplicity and friendship.
It goes against our intrinsic values of sharing and connecting. Values which we hold close to our hearts and which rule our decisions.

To meet, exchange, greet ...
These are the verbs we cherish ! They give meaning to our watchmaking adventure, abundant in discoveries and emotions, starting points of our creations.

As the time of our encounters tick by, we have chosen to shine a light on artists that transcend us.
Because our inherent duty lays in the advocacy of talented artists who frequently unveil their intimacy through the tonality of their film,
the depth of their paintings, the subtlety of their ink ...

If the ethos of our brand is to contribute a modest stone to the watchmaking edifice,
our mission to society is to encourage young hidden artists carrying messages of a sincere and emotional beauty. 

Artists from Biarritz, because localism according to us, has to be a window onto the world...